Protect Your Rental Property: Require Tenants to Have A Rental Policy

October 22, 2018



All apartment complexes in Nashville require renters to carry liability insurance – don’t you want the same protection?


For about $12 a month, your renter can purchase a policy that can provide you with up to $300K in the event that they damage your property. It is even possible for the policies to be structured so that you have assurance that the policy remains in force and are protected throughout your renter’s lease agreement, and we know just how to do that.


We can assist you with offering a renter’s quote to your tenant. By providing us with only the renter’s name and date of birth, we can provide you with an affordable renter’s insurance option to present to your tenant as a requirement for their lease.


We believe in protecting our customers and their properties:  We hope you will allow us to protect your rental property from any damage that is the result of your tenant’s negligence.