Taking Care of the Caregiver

October 19, 2018

If you have found yourself in the role of caregiver for a loved one, you already have a lot of responsibilities. Whether you are moving in with another to provide care or assistance, or inviting them to live with you in your home, you need to be aware of the insurance implications this will have. As your agent, we want to help during the transition as best we can. We are here to speak with you about changes or additions, regarding policies such as:

Your Auto Policy: policies require that all licensed household members are disclosed to the insurance company.

A renter’s policy may be needed if your new guest has items of their own that they are moving in that wouldn’t be covered by your current Home Policy. If you are living with someone else in their home, you will need a renter’s policy to cover your belongings. This coverage can even cover items you are storing off-site temporarily.

Your Home Policy: if you have built an addition for your new tenant, your home’s square footage may need to be adjusted for adequate coverage.

We will be able to assist you in determining what coverages are best for you and your loved ones. Give us a call to discuss the best options for you.